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General Knowledge of Rookfall Empty General Knowledge of Rookfall

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:46 pm

Founded in 1857 alongside the Rook River it was originally an outpost and logging town but with it’s location next to the river as the industrial age moved into full swing Rookfall grew to be a manufacturing and technological powerhouse in the region. Named for a small waterfall in the river next to the settlement the settlers partially diverted the river to build a lock alongside the falls to preserve the town's namesake and still allow boats and eventually ships to move along the river. The town grew to be a city and eventually a metropolitan spanning both sides of the river with a population around 800,000.

Much of the cities success can be traced to a few major companies and businessman. Seeing the looming tech boom a few of the wealthiest patrons took some risks in the 80’s and began shifting from previous manufacturing investments to funding computer and technology startups. The risks paid off, for some more than others. The technological boom made Hikaru Kurosawa the clear front runner with Omnicorp and its subsidiaries a cornerstone of Rookfall.

Mayor Zeb Elliot has retained his position for over a decade and by all accounts has done an admirable job at the helm of one of the countries most up and coming cities. A career politician he has made great strides in overall standards of living for the city as well as improved relations with the Cape community. An outspoken advocate of ORACLE Mayor Elliot has volunteered the city to test many new systems and approaches to Cape relations by ORACLE. This has lead to record setting registration and top of the line facilities throughout the city. Of course no one is perfect and many have criticized the mayor for showing Omnicorp too much favoritism, large campaign donations have been raised as the cause. Nothing has come of the criticism and rumors.

Along with being on the cutting edge of various industries Rookfall has a higher than average presence of Supers. No cause has yet to be found especially when compared to other cities and populations of a similar size. The patron cape of the city Obelisk was held in the highest regards and helped with public opinion of Cape activity. Since his passing the cities attitude toward Capes acting with limited oversight has soured some and everyone feels on edge about the subject. The mayor is still a strong advocate and assures the public that working with the Supers community and allowing them to operate as they see fit leads to a safer community.

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