Anniversary of a tragedy

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Anniversary of a tragedy  Empty Anniversary of a tragedy

Post by Rick on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:27 pm

by Antonio Eastcott

One year ago this Sunday an unassailable constant in our lives was brought low in a horrific series of events. Everyone remembers exactly where they were when news broke of Obelisk's demise. The beloved champion of Rookfall city had made earth his adoptive home and embraced it with a vigor that lent hope and vibrancy to everyday life. His feats of strength and invulnerability are innumerable, the man of stone who couldn't be hurt. The apprehension and fear of all were magnified to greater heights due to fact that until his fall Obelisk had seemed to be an unwavering shield against those who would seek to bring hardship and pain to others.

On the anniversary of Rookfalls greatest tragedy Mayor Elliot will be hosting a charity event in honor of the beloved hero. All proceeds from the event will go to several charities in the city that support the poor and in need. At this event it is expected that several of the nations greatest Heroes will make appearances to pay respects to a fallen comrade. Beacon, an ally and occasional confidant to Obelisk if rumors are to be believed, had this to say about his attendance:
"He wasn't much of a talker and I could never really tell if he liked me all that much (laughter), but he was always there when you needed him and he always did what was right. And that... that kind of dedication deserves respect."

A shadow will be cast over the event as legal proceedings continue to stagnate in the trial of Artillery, the fiendish monster who caused the death of such a kind and altruistic being. Access to Artillery has been restricted during her stay in Boarwood Correctional Institute maximum security wing but her based upon the legal proceedings it is clear she shows no remorse for her actions. During her initial arrest she was reported to have said... Cont. on page 12


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