The End of Galactigang?

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The End of Galactigang? Empty The End of Galactigang?

Post by Rick on Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:51 am

by Antonio Eastcott

Earlier this month a joint task force lead by Interpol cracked down on a long running crime ring dealing in Slysh technologies. The organization commonly known as Galactigang has been operating in various European countries for several years distributing contraband items originating from the Slysh invasion.

A cooperative effort lead to a member of the german police force infiltrating Galactigang for several months. While Interpol had hoped to continue the investigation for a few more months the undercover officer stumbled upon a situation that was deemed too dangerous to be allowed to continue. Instead the officer was successfully extracted before a multi pronged attack across several countries were commenced. Local law enforcement agencies raided various warehouses and businesses all linked to Galactigang activity and hundreds of arrests have been made.

Interpol has released a statement reassuring that the situation that motivated their early response has been taken care of. While details of the situation have not been made public it is rumored that the fear was Galactigangs actions would result in a second contact with the Slysh or another Alien race.

James Manhoff, a spokesperson for Interpol, was quoted as saying “While moving up our timetable meant we were not able to deal with the organization in it’s entirety as we had hoped, we have dealt a crippling blow and even as I speak agencies across the world are acting on information gathered during the raids. We count this as enormous success in the fight for global security...”. While Manhoff presented an entirely positive view of recent events other sources who prefer to remain unnamed have come forward with doubts.

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