Mysterious lights and sounds

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Mysterious lights and sounds Empty Mysterious lights and sounds

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:53 am

By Alex Sutherland

Starting several months ago the city has been plagued with reports of mysterious lights and sounds in various parts of the city. Initially these stories were not taken very seriously but officers often found strange circumstances surrounding the reports upon investigation. The stories seem to fall into one of two categories. The first being terrified individuals who report following strange lights that shouldn’t exist being harassed by maddening whispers and laughter from non-existent sources. The second are tales of lost children or other vulnerable individuals following lights to safe locations such as police stations or shelters. Often during investigations the former reports are discovered to have been made by individuals with criminal histories or those who have very flimsy reasoning as to why the were at the location they were when the assaults happened.

A story like this would usually be reserved for a less reputable publication but multiple trusted sources as well as photographic evidence have surfaced to support the stories. Police currently suspect a new Cape or multiple Capes as the source but have yet to locate them. Several individuals who have been victims of the more malicious attacks have reported that when a culprit is found they will be pressing charges and are formulating lawsuits against the perpetrator. We reached out to our expert in behavioural analysis of Supers Dr. Stephanie Wong and she was quoted as saying… Cont. on page 25

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