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Rules of the Game Empty Rules of the Game

Post by Rick on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:45 pm

Here are rules and guidelines for posting and how the game will be handled, any changes or major updates will be announced and players will be made aware.

General Features
System: Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds Super Power Companion
Player Count: As of yet undetermined but likely 12 or less
Character Creation: See the Character Creation forums for guides and templates
Time Frame: The game will take place in modern time, the game dates will progress more or less in real time (using down time to skip forward to catch up when needed).
Setting: An alternate Earth, all major events and histories happened just as we know them albeit colored with the doings of people with powers.

Rules of Play
This will be a sandbox role play, the game is pretty open for you to explore. Plot points will be offered and following them will be rewarded but so will creating your own plot points. You will include any necessary dice rolls where applicable when posting, some challenges and fights will be a static rating some will require ongoing or multiple rolls. Admins and Mods will make any needed rolls for All NPC situations. Players may have combat between each other but please do so publicly as other players or NPC's my intervene or otherwise effect the fight. Players should not post with other Player Characters actions (meaning don't control other peoples characters). To a certain degree control of NPC characters will be allowed especially in fights, please do not abuse this.

Formatting and posts
In character forums should be reserved for IC posts, Out of game talk has it's own section or PM each other. Certain posts will call for for things like Dialogue, OOC clarifications or stats, Character thoughts, etc. I will loosely be enforcing the use of these formats:
Dialogue: Unique color
OOC: [Square brackets]
Character thoughts: Italics
Sound effects: {{some use of squiggle brackets}}
Other things may arise and be added in the future. As mentioned these will be loosely enforced but are highly recommended. Please try to avoid single line posts such as "My character hits the bank robber [Attack:XX Damage:XX]". Longer more detailed posts are going to be more immersive and get others more excited to post. If you are low on time and just trying to get the action moving these will be understandable OCCASIONALLY. When such occasions happen Admin and mods may add a post with details of the previous action. If these occur often penalties may occur.

Here is a good resource for how to play and general etiquette where I got many of the ideas for this post:


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Rules of the Game Empty Re: Rules of the Game

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:38 pm

Currently what I'm thinking for GM posts is I will try and do 1-2 plot advancing posts a day (we'll see how that goes some may be big some small), I'll do my best to give a good 10-12 hours between them to allow maximum time for people to act while still maintaining a good pace, if I see that everyone has acted before that I will update sooner.

Let me know if things start to feel too fast or too slow and I'll do my best to make adjustments. If we have people who are significantly faster or post more often I may introduce a side plot (with lower level characters or villains) as an outlet, all of you would be free to join in on that as well but with the knowledge it may go pretty fast at times.

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