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Super Crime Down? Empty Super Crime Down?

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:57 pm

by Antonio Eastcott

A recent study of Super Powered crime statistics has discovered an interesting trend. It seems that in the last year crimes committed by individuals with enhanced abilities has decreased at a higher rate than that of ordinary crimes in Rookfall City. The study details that while criminal Cape retention has been exemplary, a fact that Mayor Elliott is proud of quoting at any occasion he can, it still doesn’t account for the significant drop in crime when compared to past years.

Dr. Amber Waltham sat down with me to discuss the results and possible implications. “Perhaps they all just got tired of being the bad guys” the doctor joked as we started the interview. She feels it really is quite worrying as a trend like this may signal a rise in crime for neighbouring communities if criminals are fleeing the city to make a living elsewhere. She is very interested to compare data with neighboring cities and to compare with the state to see if it is a larger trend than just our fair city.

Cont. on page 17

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