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Significant events and histories Empty Significant events and histories

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:45 pm

Due to the existence of individuals with powers and abilities beyond that of normal men certain events have occurred over the years. The world has had to deal with greater threats and stranger beings.

1953 a race of alien beings who identified themselves as the Slysh (SL-ISH) made contact with earth. Significantly more advanced but a physically weaker species than humans the Slysh enslaved and used lesser species they came across as labor and soldiers. The countries of Earth still reeling from the second World War seemed doomed to fall. One young man of extraordinary abilities made a plea to the powered individuals of the world to unify for one strike. Codenamed The General by british intelligence not much is known about the man beyond legends of his strength and speed. He fell in the battle against the invaders but his plan worked. With the combined might of the world's Heroes the invaders were struck down. Technology and details of the aliens have been classified by the world's governments. But on occasion private companies are given the chance to study and learn from them and their is a regular black market trade in Slysh tech. The sacrifice and cooperation shown by the world's powered individuals was a founding principle of the ORACLE act and gave it the strength needed to be put in motion almost a decade later.

In various years different countries and cities have dealt with all kinds of mutant creatures, giant robots, and monstrous epidemics. In recent times the east coast of the united states was attacked by a giant mecha that was built using Slysh technology. Eventually it was brought down by a coordinated effort of Heroes and Criminals, also of note it was the event that launched Beacons notability to a national level due to his pivotal role.

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