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Post by Rick on Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:45 pm

Here are some rules for creating your character. In general we will going "by the book" using Savage Worlds and the Super Powers companion book to create characters. Please read through this and if you have any questions or if I have missed anything let me know.
Dice levels are: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. If you spend a point to upgrade or by some other means gain a point in an attribute or skill it goes up by a dice level. (d4 becomes a d6, d10 becomes a d12, etc).

Character Creation with the Savage Worlds system:

1. Starting Level: Starting characters will be Novice level (0 XP) with Street Fighter (30 PP) level powers

2. Race: Alien races will be allowed, for the most part this will just be a flavor thing and won't change character creation but may be very important story-wise.

3. Attributes: You start with a d4 in each Attribute, you have 5 points to spend on upgrading these attributes.
a. The attributes are: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, Vigor
b. Attributes may not be raised above d12

4. Skills: You have 15 points to spend on upgrading skills, for a list of skills see the rulebook.
a. You do not start with a default d4 in skills, you must spend points on any skill you want starting with a d4.
b. If you want to raise a skill above it's corresponding attribute it costs 2 points instead of 1 for every level beyond the attributes (example: you have an Agility of d8 and want a Fighting of d10, you buy d4, d6, and d8 for 1 point each equaling 3 and then you buy d10 for 2 equaling 5 points total spent.
c. Skills may not be raised above d12.

5. Derived Stats: Charisma, Pace, Parry, and Toughness are derived from other things such as edges or hindrances.
a. Default values unless modified are: Charisma: 0, Pace: 6, Parry: 2 + Half of fighting rounded down and shields or other bonuses, Toughness: 2 + vigor and armor

6. Edges and Hindrances: Edges are bonuses or abilities while Hindrances are flaws or detriments, taking Hindrances allows you to get additional Edges, skill points, or money.
a. Edges and Hindrances from both the core rules and the Super Power Companion can be used.
b. Humans and for our game aliens start with one free edge, additional edges needed to be gained by taking Hindrances
c. You can take 1 major (2 points) and 2 minor hindrances (1 point each). For 2 points you can take an edge or increase an attribute die. For 1 point you can gain a skill point, or additional starting money equal to starting funds ($500).
d. You get the Arcane Background (Super Powers) edge for free on top of the one free edge of being a human/alien.
e. As a Super Hero you may take 1 additional major Hindrance (Super Karma page 4).

7. Background: Make sure you have your Power Origins as well as other details that may explain such things as Hindrances, Edges, Skills, and Attributes.
a. All kinds of origin stories will be allowed: Lab accident, Radiation, Super Science, Alien being, Mutation, Magic Artifact, Training and Mastery, etc.

8. Gear: You will start with $500 to buy things, list of gear can be found in the rule book.
a. you may also start with a basic vehicle (Car, truck, motorcycle), or 1 additional HQ point.

9. Super Powers: you will start with 30 Power Points (PP) to spend on powers from the Super Power Companion book.
a. You cannot spend more than 1/3 of your total PP on any one power.
b. There are a lot of powers and some have requirements or limits, power building is somewhat complex so feel free to collaborate or ask for input.

Game Specific Character Creation Rules:

1. No starting villains or Side Kicks.
a. Character concepts or player goals of a hero that falls are fine but all players start as Heroes.
b. Depending on how busy the primary game is I may allow people to have side characters as either Villains or Side Kicks for a different player (cannot be your own side kick or antagonist)

2. Choose whether or not your character has registered with O.R.A.C.L.E. as that is a player choice.

3. You will start out with 5 HQ points to individually spend on a base of operations. As the story progresses you may earn additional HQ points or begin to share or combine points to acquire better bases.


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