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Post by kalindra on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:49 am

Name: Dr. Nadia Delacroix
PP: 30 (35 with Super Karma)
Race: Human-ish (Cyborg)
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12+1 (3x Super Smarts), Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting (A) d4, Healing (Sm) d8, Knowledge:Science (Sm) d8, Knowledge:Computers (Sm) d6, Notice (Sm) d6, Repair (Sm) d6, Shooting (A) d6, *Lockpicking (A) d4
Charisma: 0, Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness: 5 (+6 Armor in Combat Mode)
Hindrances: Distinctive Appearance (Minor), Dependency: Electricity (Major)
Edges: Arcane Background (Superpowers), The Best There Is, Super Karma

Super Powers:
==Switchable power sets (14):
   =Combat mode: Attack, Ranged (Lvl. 2, Rate of Fire, 7), Armor (Lvl. 3, 3)
   =Stealth mode: Interface (Code Breaker, 3), Invisibility (4), Malfunction (3)
   =Flight mode: Flight (10)
==Super Smarts (Lvl. 3, 6)
==Flight (2)
==Stun (2)
==Doesn’t Eat (1)
==Doesn’t Breathe (2), Voice Masking (0)
==Immune to Poison/Disease (2)
==Heightened Senses (Infravision, Perception, 2)
==Absorption (Electricity, Transference, 4)

HQ (6 pts, 5 +1 for no vehicle)
Apartment (2)
Average quality (1)
Generator (1)
Workshop (2)

Equipment: ($500 + $500 for minor hindrance)
Commlink x2 $100x2
Molecular Sword $500 (Str+d8+2, AP4, weight=8 )
Handcuffs $15
GPS $250
First Aid Kit $35

Nadia Delacroix was a promising young researcher in the field of biomechanical interface technology when she landed her dream job: a fellowship in Omnigene Corp’s cybernetics division. Nadia, who had wanted to work for the corporation ever since a prosthesis they'd developed restored her ability to walk at age 10, joined an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers working on closing the gap between humans and computers. Despite some (mostly) friendly rivalry among team members, they developed a variety of proprietary technologies which had the potential to push the envelope in the fields of biomedical engineering, robotic prosthetics, next-generation policing, and civil defense (or that's what it said on their grant applications, anyway).

While working on one of several classified projects involving [redacted], Nadia found herself staying later and later after the rest of the team to tweak settings and run tests. On one such night, she was interfacing with the computer terminal that controlled a prototype for [redacted], when an apparent malfunction in the system's [redacted]. After the ensuing explosion the EMTs were unable to extricate what remained of the young scientist from the terminal. Incredibly, the device still registered brain activity from its user, as though the device was keeping her barely on the edge of death. In a sixteen-hour surgery, her research team managed to jury-rig a life support system around the terminal, stabilizing her brain activity but effectively sealing what was left of her into the device.

In the long months that followed, Nadia was slowly disconnected from the network while the life support system was gradually replaced with independent modules adapted from [redacted]. Eventually, Nadia found herself in control of a fully self-contained robot body, and for the first time in five months was able to leave the lab.

Unfortunately, the official investigation of the incident found no obvious cause for the explosion, and security logs showed no one else entering her floor that night. Any possible evidence of sabotage that wasn't destroyed in the explosion was ruined in the chaos as the team struggled to save Nadia’s life. With Omnigene needing someone to pin the accident on, and Nadia lacking any distinct memory of the night it happened, she found her contract with the company immediately terminated over her mentor's objections. The company's legal department advised her to accept the termination, sign the requisite NDA, and just be glad that Omnigene didn't sue her for the return of their property which was now keeping her alive.

Her career now effectively over, Nadia considers her options and decides to register with ORACLE and go “freelance” as a cape...

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130
Age: 29
Basically everything from the chest down as well as both arms are fully synthetic. She has a metal plate covering the right side of her face and is fully dependent on electricity for survival (hence the generator in her HQ to recharge her power systems). Because the robot body was adapted from experimental defense technology, she has a few power sets she can switch between, including laser guns in her wrists for combat mode and cloaking for stealth mode. She can also absorb electricity (absorption: transference).

Edit: added registered for ORACLE and Voice Masking modifier on Doesn't Breathe power, since she requires a voice synthesizer to speak.

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Nadia Delacroix Empty Re: Nadia Delacroix

Post by Rick on Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:06 pm

Looks great, I don't see any issues and I love the back story. Really like the use of power sets for switchable they don't have an example in the book for it so it's cool to see it used.

Based on it not being mentioned I'm assuming she isn't registered with ORACLE? That's the only note I have, character approved.

Archangel - Powers from an otherworldly source, she uses fists and flight to solve most problems.
Notice d4, Parry: 7 +2 from front & left w/shield, Toughness: 5/15 + 4 from front & left Ranged w/shield (10 points of Heavy Armor when active)
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Nadia Delacroix Empty Re: Nadia Delacroix

Post by kalindra on Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:09 pm

Yes, she'd probably register with ORACLE. Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot about that.

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Nadia Delacroix Empty Re: Nadia Delacroix

Post by kalindra on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:54 pm

At 5XP: *Added Lockpicking skill at d4 (Agility).

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Nadia Delacroix Empty Re: Nadia Delacroix

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