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Post by felixmac09 on Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:36 pm

Here's what your characters can be assumed to know prior to meeting or actively researching Shade:

Shade is relatively new to the game, having become active a little less than two years ago. He's registered with O.R.A.C.L.E. and has provided testimony and statements often. When appearing in court, he shows up in his costume with no mask, but requests to not appear in photos and gives his registered O.R.A.C.L.E. alias (Shade) instead of his real name. Despite the pump-action shotgun he carries slung over his shoulder, he has never been implicated in any deaths. People who have seen him work know that the shotgun is loaded with beanbags that hurt like crazy, but leave your insides somewhat more intact. He uses a dirtbike to get around, with hardly any reports of acting outside of Rookfall.

He obviously monitors the emergency networks, showing up to fires and collapsed buildings as well as crimes in progress, but he seems to have another source of information he acts on also, often busting up drug deals and finding missing persons well ahead of the police. He prefers to operate at night, attacking from the darkest corners of buildings or walking through walls, pointing guns at everyone in the building, but he almost always attempts to make contact first, offering the criminals a chance to stand down. Some have started taking him up on it. He seems to focus most on crime that affects the lower rung of society: if a poor family is missing a daughter or homeless people are disappearing, or a vicious new drug is ravaging the city's underbelly, Shade will be looking into it.

Anyone who's done investigation knows that Shade rides his bike to an HQ above a soup kitchen, and the soup kitchen is run by a man who's face and hands are marked with twisting tattoos. Attempting to pump the soup kitchen regulars for information doesn't yield any results, however. They seem reluctant to part with information, out of a sense of loyalty.


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Post by Rick on Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:56 pm

Rumors and sightings of Archangel:

Relatively unknown until just a few months ago the first official sightings of Archangel were preceded by a statistically significant upswing in church goers among the less than reputable communities. Her debut to the public comes from shaky video filmed on a cellphone depicting a police standoff with an armed gunman holed up in a convenience store. As they are hiding behind vehicles waiting getting in position an Orange blur plummets out of the sky pulling up short of the ground and alighting gently revealing a tall female figure in an orange armored super suit with a golden helm a sword belted on her hip.

As she stands between the police and the gunman her glowing wings fade away. She turns and faces the videographer to show spectral orange flames pouring from her helms eye holes and a deep voice can be heard saying "Make sure to get my good side."
With that she begins advancing on the gunmans position as he fires round after round at her through a shattered window to no effect. As she reaches him he fires a last round point blank which if accounts are to be believed bounced back and hit the gunman in the shoulder. Grabing him by his shirt she drags him out of the building while simultaneously crushing his gun. She walks him over to an officer who proceeds to cuff the man. Her glowing wings reappear and she turns to give the camera a nonchalant salute before rocketing back into the air.

Sightings like this have become somewhat common with different variations in which she is heard yelling things like "You have been judged sinners!" or "Repent and ye shall be spared!". She is often seen flying over known sites of drug deals and prostitution just flying over head with her glowing wings casting light into the shadows and sending the locals scurrying for cover. Her most famous appearances have all been situations with large police presences. It's believed she patrols from the sky listening and watching for where she is needed most.

She rarely sticks around for a conversation but always seems to play to cameras when she is aware of them. When asked ORACLE has commented that no one under the name Archangel or with her description seems to be registered with them. Whenever she has finished her business she rockets away at speeds few can follow to an unknown location.

Archangel - Powers from an otherworldly source, she uses fists and flight to solve most problems.
Notice d4, Parry: 7 +2 from front & left w/shield, Toughness: 5/15 + 4 from front & left Ranged w/shield (10 points of Heavy Armor when active)
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Post by Vaughn on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:56 pm

If you haven't met Fear, you've definitely heard him. Every Sunday at 8:30 P. M., he takes over all of the broadcasting systems and hosts a short podcast on superhero news and how civilians can help protect their neighborhoods from criminals. Some enjoy these broadcasts greatly, thinking that this is one cape who's doing a great service to his community. Most people think he's an arrogant asshole who takes over the broadcasting channels to show off how great he thinks he is.

Fear showed up on the capes scene about two years ago as an unregistered vigilante. He was known for showing up on crime scenes and from there a lot of eyewitness accounts get kind of blurry. Some people say that he pulled a weapon on criminals and they stopped dead in their tracks. Others report that around him, certain people have bursts of bravery and rally to defend their community with Fear. Strangest yet, some people report criminals just laying down their arms and returning stolen wares or just running away, ceasing their crimes. One thing remains in common though, when Fear becomes involved, people around him tend to panic and flee, causing chaos for a brief moment in time, but afterward leaving no civilians for collateral damage.

About six months ago. Fear is noted to have suddenly registered with ORACLE, he was noted for having protested that the security measures couldn't be trusted previous to that moment. When asked afterwards, Fear only responded that he'd had a change of heart. Reports of a breaking at a local security agency combined with that statement led to widespread rumors that maybe Fear had tried to break into ORACLE, but of course those claims were absolutely absurd, there's no way that could've ever happened right?

Anyway, Fear is a known whiz with technology, and carries extreme influence over others with him, in addition to being a pretty good marksman. Fear may be obnoxious, overconfident, and a contagious monologuer, and have some... questionable methods of getting criminals to stand down, but he's always fought against crime and tried to be do the right thing... Most of the time anyway...

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Post by kyleschmelz on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:40 am

I'll pad this out more later, but here's some basic public knowledge on Tremor:

Tremor's been on the superhero scene for about 6 months and mostly works downtown crime cases. Robberies, high-speed chases, the occasional powered villain the cops can't deal with. Tremor works most nights as the head bouncer at a downtown rock music venue called Rock Bottom - his bosses tend to accept his occasional "distractions" from work on account of the massive downturn in incidents since he took the job.

Since his rocky hide makes him completely invulnerable to all but the most extreme opponents, he approaches most situations with a look of boredom. He knows the criminals can't touch him, they always try anyway, and he has yet to find anyone that can break through his armor.

With his rather distinctive appearance, there's not really any way for Trevor to hide a secret identity, so he doesn't bother. Anyone looking into it can pretty easily track down his real name and his address.


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Post by Hannah on Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:16 pm

Constance is pretty recognizable and has no secret identity, but also has registered with O.R.A.C.L.E. She can easily be contacted by asking for her at City Hall, but she often is seen out patrolling the streets as well. She attempts to volunteer from time to time, and also is found at most city events.

No one really knows how old Constance is as a recent search for her birth certificate has shown that there isn't one on record, however it is known that she must be over 100 years old. Just keep telling her that she doesn't look a day past 25, it is better for all of us.

Constance runs a book club once a month that centers on women in history. This year's theme is female scientists. Holley Moyes is basically current day Indiana Jones, who WOULDN'T want to read about that?

She is known to have super speed, and for a city event she raced against cars. She clocked in at about 240 MPH at her fastest. The name of the event was "Racing Towards a Healthier Tomorrow", which helped raise toward a new children's hospital.

It's rumored that the city helps Constance fight to protect it, someone SWEARS they saw a U.S. Mail Box sprint and wrap around a guy while he was fighting her. That can't be true, right?


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Post by Mariah on Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:19 pm

Logan moved deeper into the city just under a year ago. She doesn't speak, and more or less keeps to herself. Not much sets her apart from the crowd, except that she might be a little fairer than some, and is kind of short. People generally don't pay much attention.

Logan has been working on her photography for the most part. She's managed to get a few good shots of heroes in action, which she's sold to magazines and newspapers. She's started to gain a small reputation, mostly due to her method of photography. She claims to use only film, refuses to touch editing software, and rarely even uses the flash built into her camera. While some question the validity of this technique ("There's no way she didn't edit this," or, "This shot would have been impossible without at least a flash.") other employers don't seem to care, and are content just having some good shots to work with.

In addition to freelance photography, Logan teaches a couple of basic self defense classes. After her first photo was published in the paper, she decided to put out an ad for her class. Both Logan and her first batch of students had a hard time figuring out how to get started, since Logan doesn't speak, but eventually they worked out a method which proved to be far more immersive and informative than any of them had anticipated.

Logan can regularly be seen hanging out with a college girl named Emily, who is not too much bigger than Logan and looks like the kind of hip young thing you might find at a coffee shop. They often meet for breakfast at said coffee shop to catch up.

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